Scottish Young Labour statement on Trump Visit

Scottish Young Labour categorically condemns the decision from the Conservative government to invite US President Donald Trump to visit the UK on July 13th. We need to be absolutely clear that a head of state with such racist, misogynist, homophobic, anti-trade union views should not be allowed into Britain, never mind given a red carpet treatment. This is a President who has been supported by white supremacist neo Nazi groups, and rejected the Paris climate change agreement. He is dangerous. Scottish Young Labour will help organise a mass protest whether Trump is welcomed in Scotland, or anywhere else in the … Continue reading Scottish Young Labour statement on Trump Visit

Response to GE2017 Announcement

Theresa May is not calling this election from a position of strength. The Conservatives are rudderless on Brexit, the housing market is poised to collapse, the economy is limping towards recession, exhibiting underemployment and stagnation. May is afraid of trouble ahead, and this election is a desperate attempt to save face. The Tories are running for cover and they believe going to the polls will obscure the ruin they are creating. Self-serving electioneering does nothing for the private tenants struggling to pay their rent. It does nothing for public sector workers who have seen their budgets slashed and their pay … Continue reading Response to GE2017 Announcement

Statement against the attack on Syria 

Scottish Young Labour condemns in the strongest terms the illegal attack on Syria that occurred overnight on the orders of President Donald Trump. Whilst we recognise the barbarism of the Syrian government that has been demonstrated over the 6 years of this civil war, we stand defiantly against the imperialist aggression on display from the United States.  The war has lasted many years, and we do not believe that this unilateral strike from the Americans will hasten an end to the war but, echoing the statement from Jeremy Corbyn earlier, that instead it will escalate tensions in the country and … Continue reading Statement against the attack on Syria 

SYL supports free school meals 

Scottish Young Labour welcomes the Labour Party’s policy on free school meals for all primary-aged children. As Jeremy Corbyn has pointed out, this redistributive policy will be hugely beneficial to millions of children from deprived households who currently go hungry at school.  Scottish Young Labour also notes that the Liberal Democrats already have a policy of free school meals for primary aged children, but we believe it is crucial that Labour’s policy is funded by introducing VAT on private school fees. Angela Rayner rightly states that many other businesses already pay VAT, and the private school sector will be able … Continue reading SYL supports free school meals 

Campaign calendar for March/April 2017

In the run up to the council elections in May, Scottish Young Labour are busy canvassing around the country for excellent socialist candidates. Please join us at any of our planned campaign days: 1st April 2017: Coatbridge North and Glenboig/Stepps, Chryston and Muirhead (Alex McVey, Bill Shields, Scott Lamond, Angela Feeney) 8th April 2017: Leith (Gordon Munro) 9th April: Falkirk East (Martin Murray) 15th April 2017: East Livingston and East Calder (Scott Rogers) 22nd April 2017: Kilwinning/North Ayrshire (Joe Cullinane and Claire McGuire) 23rd April: Dunfermline South (Ross Paterson) 29th April 2017: Aberdeen (Lewis Macleod) Please watch this space for … Continue reading Campaign calendar for March/April 2017

BAME Action Plan

The following, created by BAME officer Khosrow Zanganeh and endorsed by the Scottish Young Labour committee 2017/18 represents a comprehensive BAME-centred plan of action for Scottish Young Labour, both within the confines of the BAME caucus and within the wider organisation. Scottish Young Labour resolves to: Advocate for a wider engagement of the Party and SYL with minority groups Advocate for a creating a review panel (within the committee primarily) with an advisory nature to insure we prevent any instances of Sexism, Racism and other forms of bigotry and prejudice within the Party and SYL Advocate for a fair representation … Continue reading BAME Action Plan